Burdened with the fast moving life, we are often struck with the idea of giving up. We start thinking that we are not able to deal with the hardships of life anymore and life has become unrewarding for us. Then come people like Mr. PV Sahay who make us realise that life is much more than crying over things and we should never give up.

The story of Mr sahay 

A retired bank manager, Mr. PV Sahay lost his job when the bank shut its operations in the country. He utilized all his savings for the future of his children. He lost his son in a car accident and consequently, not much was left with him.

Instead of losing to his ill fate, he decided to take things in his stride. Mr. Sahay is 80 years old and can barely walk. To feed himself and his wife, he travels daily from Rohtak to Delhi’s Connaught Place which is around 130 km. In the A block of Connaught Place, he is seen in the evenings with a serene face and a subtle smile. He uses a stick to walk.

Sometimes if he meets some kindhearted at the metro station who takes him around on a wheelchair, he feels a little r elieved. Roaming in the streets of Connaught Place, he sells puppets. Beautiful, soft and colorful puppets add to the aura in his personality. He gets extremely happy when a puppet is sold and can be seen beaming with joy.


He never gave up hope and never thought that he should quit. After losing his job, his savings and his dear son, he could have sat at home like a helpless being but what he did is what courageous and brave heroes do.

Besides the idea of not giving up in life, we also learn from  him that no work is big or small. A person should pursue work which gives him or her satisfaction and hope of a better life, without worrying about what others will think about us.

Story Credit : The Positive India (Ispa Arora)